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Welcome to the website of the Lynn Economic Development & Industrial Corporation (EDIC)

It is a remarkable time to be living or working in Lynn. During the next decade, you will see continued development along the waterfront that will become a bustling, pedestrian friendly destination for residents and visitors alike.

Despite the challenges of the economy in recent years, there has never been a better time to provide financing to local businesses in this city. Since 1977, EDIC/Lynn has helped to strengthen Lynn’s economy by encouraging existing companies to expand or new businesses to relocate. Simply stated, EDIC/Lynn has all the financial tools and capabilities from the public sector’s vantage point that private developers need at their disposal.

It is a remarkable time to be living or working in Lynn- a time your children and grandchildren will one day be talking about. Be proud of Lynn, the City of Firsts, and be even prouder of our efforts to make it the city of the future.


James M Cowdell, MBA
Executive Director

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