City kept things together, positive


November 30, 2015
By The Daily Item

Lynn is celebrating — and rightly so — a three-tiered effort by city, state and federal officials to maximize economic development.

The city is unified. To have gotten this far in the process has required a singleness of purpose that manifests itself in the way the seemingly mundane projects, such as sorting out zoning issues, are being done.

One of the first things you learn in any collaborative effort is that what goes on behind closed doors stays there. The second thing you learn in this type of atmosphere is that once the decisions are made, you emerge from behind those closed doors as a united team.

This has been a problem in the past, but it isn’t now. Whatever debates may have occurred among city leaders on this project have stayed where they belong. You haven’t heard whispering by anyone, or insinuations that “my idea was better, but it was rejected.” That is important.

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, President Dan Cahill and the Lynn City Council, and EDIC/Lynn Executive Director Jim Cowdell checked egos at the door and provided the local leadership needed to get this done

And so, on a sunny, chilly morning last week on the steps of City Hall, everyone from city councilors present and future, to city department heads, to the State House delegation to state-agency secretaries, to Gov. Charlie Baker and Congressman Seth Moulton got a chance to stand up and speak of the possibilities that now present themselves through this unprecedented collaboration.

To quote poet Robert Frost, “We have miles to go before we sleep.” Everyone involved in this understands that. But if everyone continues to walk the same path, and maintains this singular focus, the City of Lynn may well achieve its potential.



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