Former Hayward's Employee Buys The Landmark Location And Opens Dock 125 In Lynn


July 18, 2018
By Bella diGrazia/The Daily Item

 Hayward’s may be gone but a piece of its history remains. A former employee bought the landmark location and it’s officially ready for business.

A new business, Dock 125, has taken over the 125 Lynnfield St. location. Jamie and Enrico Mancini, Lynn natives and former Lynn English High School sweethearts, have come back home to put their twist on the restaurant that served residents for four decades. Jamie Mancini worked at the well-known restaurant for 13 years, starting at 12 years old and working her way through college.

“What I’m excited about is having the aspect of a new, younger clientele because I think that is what’s really going to make the difference,” said Richard Hayward, the restaurant’s original owner. “It’s going to be so unique.”

Sitting at table in Dock125, From left, Richard and Pat Hayward, the former owners of Hayward's Restaurant, now Dock 125 Restaurant, and Jay Drumm try the Angel Wings during the soft opening of Dock 125 Restaurant.

ITEM PHOTO (Spenser R. Hasak)

From left, Richard and Pat Hayward, the former owners of Hayward's Restaurant, now Dock 125 Restaurant, and Jay Drumm try the Angel Wings during the soft opening of Dock 125 Restaurant.

The couple, who recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, is moving back to the city after living in New Jersey since 2010, where they owned and operated their first restaurant for seven years. After selling it in 2016, they leased a few other businesses in the area all while keeping an eye on Hayward’s, which had been on and off the market a number of times over the years.

When the Mavros family put Hayward’s up for sale last summer, the Mancinis were finally in a well enough place to plan on making the purchase. Taso Mavros and his family owned the establishment for 15 years before his health made it too hard to continue to run the business. Jamie and Enrico Mancini closed on the property, assessed at $216,100, on April 27, the same day Hayward’s closed its doors, according to a previous Daily Item article.

“We hope we’re super successful and we really hope everyone in the city loves it,” said Jamie Mancini.

The former family-owned business will continue its tradition as the couple’s two sons, Enrico Jr., and Benjamin, will work with them at the restaurant. Mackensie, the Mancinis’ only daughter, will support her family’s new business while still living in New Jersey. After closing on the sale in April, the couple has spent the last three months completing major renovations and giving the building a much-needed makeover.

“I know we still have to work out some of the kinks,” said Jamie Mancini. “There has been so much hubbub about our opening, so we’ve been apprehensive and excited all at the same time.”

They celebrated with a soft opening on Wednesday night and their grand opening on Thursday. The original owners of Hayward’s, Richard and Pat Hayward, attended the soft opening in support of the new business and their daughter, who works as a server there.

Dock 125 got its name from the address and the dock they have in the back that sits on Sluice Pond, offering a great view of the water. The business will offer a diverse menu year round and the couple plans to keep a number of Hayward’s staple menu items with Enrico Mancini leading the kitchen.

“My family really enjoys food so our menu is full of everything that we eat and our kids love,” said Jamie Mancini.

A few of Hayward’s famed seafood dishes are on the menu as well as a number of Mancini original recipes, such as their North Shore chicken entree, a whole menu section dedicated to hand-cut fries with an array of unique toppings, and a ‘PB&J Burger’.

“We’re super excited just to be back home,” said Jamie Mancini. “This has all come full circle.”

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