Lynn wine pro pairs fizzy Spanish white with risotto


June 3, 2015
The Boston Globe

When you talk with sommelier Charlie Gaeta about his path into wine, you might be surprised how he got his start. “I had a job in investment banking,” says Gaeta, 30, who interned in New York and later worked in Boston. “I was going out to dinner a lot, and was always researching the wines I had.” That fascination led him to work as a bartender’s assistant at The Blue Ox Restaurant & Bar, located in his hometown Lynn, where he rose through the ranks and is now general manager and beverage director. From a list showcasing small family winegrowers, the wine pro recommends a 2014 Avinyo Petillant Blanc Vi d’Agulla ($10 a glass, $38 a bottle) a dry, low-alcohol Spanish white with bright acidity and a hint of fizz. It’s delicious with a dish made by chef-owner Matt O’Neil, a pan-roasted cod on risotto with white asparagus and wild ramps, with an arugula-cherry tomato garnish dressed in lemony vinaigrette ($25). Ever one for hospitality, Gaeta considers the delight of his guests an excellent return on investment. The Blue Ox Restaurant & Bar 191 Oxford St., Lynn, 781-780-5722,

Charlie Gaeta of the Blue Ox

Photo/Anna Wistran Wolfe

Charlie Gaeta of the Blue Ox



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