Beyond Wall Launches An Idea For Lynn's Waterfront


LYNN — Beyond Walls has a vision for Lynn’s waterfront.
By | The Daily Item
May 17, 2019

The creative nonprofit has partnered with MassDevelopment and the civic crowdfunding platform Patronicity to build a temporary waterfront park at the Lynn Ferry Terminal, according to a press release. They need to raise $50,000 before they can get it up and running.

Five-story art installations on the sides of storage containers, performance spaces and a multi-purpose field for futsal, a five-on-five style of soccer similar to hockey, and basketball will all be a part of the project if they can get the funds, said Beyond Walls founder Al Wilson.

“Anything that involves activating space for the community is something we are interested in,” said Wilson. “There’s been an effort here to certainly activate a ferry terminal, so we want to make this space a great place for people waiting to get on and off the ferry.”

If Beyond Walls can raise $50,000 by June 30, MassDevelopment will match another $50,000 for the project. Initial discussion for the installation began in 2017, Wilson said.

Named “The Launch,” the park will activate the 3-acre vacant waterfront parcel adjacent to Lynn’s marine transportation facility, according to the press release. Wilson said he has heard the community’s plea for real access to the water’s edge and that is the drive behind building this park.

A fundraising event will be held on June 1 at Tony’s Pub & Grill on Franklin Street in Lynn. If they don’t reach $50,000 in donations, then they will not receive the MassDevelopment grant, said Wilson.

The goal is to establish a connection between the city’s waterfront and its “vibrant” downtown, he said. Much of the waterfront area is being underutilized, and Wilson has a vision for change.

“I love hearing from the community on what it needs or how to address community challenges through place making,” said Wilson. “This is just another opportunity for the community to determine the planning, design and management of this space. I’m excited to work with our project partners again and get the band back together working on these projects.”

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