Lynn buoyed by the ferry


May 11, 2015
Editorial/The Daily Item

Doubters never give in.

First, it was, “Lynn will never have a ferry.”

Then, when it became apparent that Lynn might actually get a commuter ferry to Boston, it was, “A ferry will never work in Lynn.”

Then, last year, Lynn not only began a two-year experiment with a commuter ferry to Boston, the initial year of the pilot program was successful. Boston Harbor Cruises, whose boats are used for the service, said that if Lynn had 10,000 customers, it would be a home run.

The ferry ended up with 13,000 customers. Not only that, nearly 200 riders petitioned last year to keep the ferry open longer into the season.

Judging from last year alone, it would appear the ferry proved the naysayers wrong when it came to water transportation.

Next Monday, Year 2 begins. It will run through the remainder of the summer, launching out of the Blossom Street Extension dock.

And judging from last year’s success, enticements really won’t be needed, but there will be some anyway. All trips will be free, and the first 100 riders next Monday will receive Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards and a free copy of The Item.

After that, the trip, which takes about 30 minutes, will cost $7 each way, and $3.50 for senior citizens and children, ages 3-12.

Lynn has some very attractive resources, and this is just one of them.

One would have to think that getting on a ferry and riding along the ocean into Boston is preferable to any of the alternatives, whether it’s fighting the subways or sitting in exhaust smoke-choked traffic in either a car or a bus.

Other industries are beginning to see that too. Real estate ads are starting to tout easy access to the ferry, if applicable, and, as state Sen. Thomas McGee says, “When realtors are starting to push that, you know it’s a really good thing.”

Yes, it is.

Now it’s up to consumers to keep the chain in motion. Perhaps we’re getting a respite after the miserable winter, but the weather has been fantastic in the last week or so — perfect for a leisurely commute into Boston via boat.

Hopefully this is just the second in a step that ends up in year-round service.


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