INC.ubate Coworking offers an alternative to working from home


 By Guthrie Scrimgeour  |  Item Live | March 11, 2021

"People have been working at home and have realized that they can't get anything done," said Lucerto. "Or people are used to meeting clients at coffee shops and have realized that they can't do that anymore but still need a space to meet."

The pandemic delayed the opening of the Lynn location by about a year and initially had a negative effect on his business in Winthrop, but it has since rebounded.

While he initially lost membership in the early months of the pandemic, he said that for every member lost, he regained "one-and-a-half" new members.

Michael Lucerto, the owner and CEO of Inc.ubate Coworking, has created a space for professionals to work and gather in downtown Lynn. (Julia Hopkins)

“Lucerto, who worked in international education prior to this endeavor, began the business in Winthrop in 2018.

"Winthrop had a very depressed downtown," said Lucerto. "I thought it would be great to create some sort of coworking space for entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground."

The idea expanded into Lynn this year with his location at 614 Washington St., and Lucerto will soon open a new office in Hamilton. He is also considering two additional locations, with East Boston, Revere, Salem and Marblehead under consideration for future expansion.

Visitors to the Lynn space are greeted by a collage of photographs of historical significance to the city, including images of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, a jar of Marshmallow Fluff and old copies of The Item.

On top of the collage is a wall of cubbies, which will eventually display member headshots and business cards.

Moving through the space, one will find a variety of conference rooms, shared meeting spaces and private offices, along with a miniature kitchen outfitted with a sink and refrigerator. 

Through Inc.ubate's many windows, visitors will see views of Beyond Walls murals.

Lucerto said he chose Lynn because it has the "vibe where exciting things are happening," including a vibrant downtown.

"Lynn had an interesting dynamic where a lot was happening in the downtown area," said Lucerto. "There was an opportunity for a space like this to be a melting pot between people who grew up here and the new demographic that's showing up with the new housing that's being built here."

Inc.ubate offers three tiers of membership, ranging from space from one day a week to unlimited access to all of its locations. 

In addition to paid memberships, Inc.ubate is offering entrepreneur-in-residence programs, which allows a one-year free membership to the space, along with additional benefits free of charge for five individuals. Applications are open until April 1.

"People who could really use the space but can't afford it are welcome to apply," said Lucerto.

Members do not have to worry about traditional office issues such as cleaning, refilling the printer with paper, IT issues, and other administrative tasks, all of which are covered by the business.

Lucerto's expansion to Lynn was aided by EDIC/Lynn, which helped him obtain a MassDevelopment grant and understand the business climate in the city.

“EDIC helped me determine where the space would be a good fit,” said Lucerto, who also learned a great deal about doing business in the city by researching the EDIC/Lynn website.

“They also helped me understand who is contributing to the downtown community and I was able to talk to some people who have gone through the process.”

EDIC/Lynn Executive Director James Cowdell said Inc.ubate is providing a valuable service, especially with many people still not working at an office full- or even part-time.

“With so many new residents in our downtown, and more coming with the redevelopment of the waterfront, there is a demand for this type of space,” Cowdell said. “The fact that it is available in Lynn can only help us in our efforts to continue to attract people to the city.”

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