Lynnway auto auction delayed six months

February 29, 2012
By Chris Stevens/The Daily Item

The City Council voted Tuesday to table a request to reconsider a motion that two weeks ago granted a Lynn businessman a license to open an auto auction on the Lynnway.

“We’re all happy that this is going to happen,” said Ward 6 Councilor Peter Capano, who made the motion to table the issue. “We just want to work out the details.”

The only action on the City Council agenda besides honoring a group of Lynn Youth Hockey champs was the reconsideration of the council’s vote to accept the License Committee Report of Feb. 14. Part of that report included transferring the city’s only auto auction license to businessman Kenneth Carpi.

Carpi is seeking to reestablish an auto auction at 732R Lynnway, that until last June was home to Lynnway Auto Auction. However, the day after the License Committee voted to grant the license City Council President Timothy Phelan and Ward 2 Councilor William Trahant filed for reconsideration.

Trahant said at the time the reconsideration was needed because part of the deal in granting the license included Carpi dropping a $2 million lawsuit against the city but councilors neglected to include that detail in the motion. He also said he had no reason to believe the transfer wouldn’t be revoted with the correct language.

Carpi’s attorney Thomas Demakis said Tuesday he anticipated the motion would be tabled.

“All parties are communicating, everyone is on the same page,” Phelan said. “We just haven’t ironed out all the details.”

When pressed for an explanation of the details Phelan simply said that business “has a lot of moving parts” but he expected everything to be worked out soon.

Capano agreed.

“We just want to look at the details,” he said. “The mayor’s on the same page, they’re minor details that need to be worked out and we’re all hopeful it will be done in a few weeks.”



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