280 Broadway, Lynn, Massachusetts

Current Zoning: Office
Square Footage: 252 sq to 1,924 sf
Available: Immediately

Classroom space available in church. The church is located adjacent to Walgreens in Wyoma Square and shares a public parking lot with Sisson and Pickering Schools, but there is space for additional cars. Street parking also available.

Exclusive space:
Classroom C: 252 square feet
Classroom D: 329 square feet
Classroom E: 272 square feet (classrooms D & E can be opened into one room)

Shared Space:
Multipurpose Room: 1,924 square feet
Stage: 896 square feet
Classroom A: 414 square feet
Classroom B: 366 square feet
storage closets available

Contact Information:
Rev. Jonathan R. Niketh